About Us

World Press Repair specializes in the repair of metal forming presses, and offers technical and maintenance programs designed to meet the needs of your business. World Press Repair began operations on September 5, 1994, but the story really begins in 1974 when Dean C. Axe, company president, embarked on a rewarding career in the repair of metal forming presses with The Minster Machine Company. Expert knowledge in repair and maintenance flourished for the last twenty plus years.

The philosophy at World Press Repair has been simple. Better service than anyone else. Period! Your call is automatically received by telephone, fax, or voice mail, then forwarded for a prompt response. Personal, professional and anxious to serve you with your press needs. World Press Repair is ready to help in repair, consulting, educational or a preventive maintenance situation. With over twenty years of repair service, we know your needs are important and urgent. “Down time” is our most hated phrase.

World Press Repair Company will come to you. Don’t bother crating up that press just to ship it off to some faceless voice who “promises” prompt service. Can you afford that? We don’t think so. We’ll be at your facility ready to help in less than 24 hours in most cases. We will also assist you in ordering any parts that are needed, and follow through completely even after your press is back in action.

About World Press Repair

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